About Tarveda

We develop Pentarins®, which are novel miniature drug conjugates uniquely designed to selectively target, rapidly penetrate and eradicate solid tumors.

There remains a significant need for novel therapeutics that effectively target solid tumors to extend the lives of patients with hard to treat cancers while minimizing potential toxicities. Our focus at Tarveda Therapeutics is to develop our Pentarins to maintain the desirable attributes of both large conjugates such as antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and small molecule drugs as well as addressing the deficits of these drugs with our Pentarins. Small molecule drugs can penetrate rapidly and deeply into solid tumors to drive efficacy but have no or very limited tumor targeting to spare normal tissue. They also suffer from short time in circulation affecting the concentration level of the drug that reaches the tumor. By contrast, ADCs are selective for tumors and thereby concentrate the payload to the tumor. However, the large size of the antibody limits the speed and depth of penetration into solid tumors, compromising the extent of tumor cell killing. In addition, ADCs remain in circulation for a very long time creating more opportunity for toxicities to be realized in normal tissues. At Tarveda, we see the opportunity to discover and develop our Pentarin miniature drug conjugates to be effective anti-cancer medicines.

Tarveda’s innovative cancer therapies are based on the company’s Pentarin platform. Pentarins are potent and target selective miniature drug conjugates uniquely designed to drive efficacy deep into solid tumors. Through balancing the miniature size with high selectivity and affinity for tumor targets, tuned pharmacokinetics, tumor accumulation and sustained payload release, Pentarins are designed to cause cancer cell death. Pentarins effectively penetrate rapidly into solid tumors and kill cancer cells throughout the tumor with highly selective binding to target proteins on the surface of, or inside, tumor cells. The Pentarins accumulate in the tumor and release a potent payload for days and in some instances weeks to continuously attack the tumor cells to cause significant tumor cell death. Tuning the pharmacokinetics of each Pentarin provides tumor accumulation and efficacy while sparing normal tissues. The result is a product platform enabling the development of novel Pentarins that therapeutically drive efficacy without making the therapeutic too large to penetrate into solid tumors.

Advancing our Proprietary Pentarin Pipeline

Through our Pentarin platform, Tarveda is developing an internal pipeline of proprietary miniature drug conjugates with tuned properties to improve solid tumor treatment. We are advancing Pentarins directed against cell surface and intracellular tumor targets as we focus on treating cancers where there is a significant unmet need. Tarveda is developing its pipeline of Pentarins to address a wide range of solid cancers. Our pipeline includes PEN-221, a novel cancer therapeutic that is highly selective for the somatostatin receptor SSTR2, which is in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial. PEN-221 is being developed to treat neuroendocrine cancers including small cell lung cancer. The pipeline also includes PEN-866 that is highly selective for Heat Shock Protein 90 (HSP90) and has demonstrated enduring tumor regressions in xenograft models of small-cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and sarcoma. PEN-866 is being studied in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial. To see our pipeline of Pentarins, [click here].

Our proprietary platform is applicable to a range of solid tumor targets, and we are extending our internal pipeline of candidates to address multiple areas of unmet need. Now with our growing pipeline of Pentarins, our platform can serve as the foundation for developing efficacious Pentarins by leveraging and incorporating proprietary targeting moieties and/or payloads of pharmaceutical companies and other collaborators.

To inquire about Pentarin collaborations, contact us at bd@tarvedatx.com