Developing Pentarin medicines to make a difference in the treatment of patients with solid tumor malignancies



Creating Pentarin precision oncology medicines that selectively accumulate anti-cancer payloads within solid tumors

Our precision oncology medicines are designed to rapidly penetrate solid tumors, selectively bind to the desired tumor targets, and accumulate their anti-cancer payloads.

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Leveraging our Pentarin platform to create the right balance between affecting anti-cancer payload activity in the tumor while reducing toxicity in healthy tissues

Our miniature conjugates are specifically designed to achieve accumulation of a variety of anti-cancer payloads in the tumor (days to weeks), while having limited half-life (hours) in circulation. The masking of payload activity in the intact conjugate while in circulation further reduces toxicity in normal tissues. Upon cleavage of the payload in the tumor cell, the payload becomes active and available to kill the tumor cell.

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