Pentarin Platform

Leveraging our miniature drug conjugates to accumulate anti-cancer payloads in solid tumor malignancies while minimizing exposure of healthy tissue to the payloads.


How our HSP90 binding Pentarin miniature conjugates work

Our miniature drug conjugates treat the tumor by employing an anti-cancer payload conjugated to a small molecule binder that has high affinity for Heat Shock Protein 90 (HSP90) and leverage the selective over-expression and activation of HSP90 in a broad range of solid tumors. The payloads selectively accumulate in the solid tumors and destroy the tumor cells while minimizing exposure of healthy tissue to the payloads.


Pentarin miniature conjugates are NOT designed to inhibit HSP90 but rather exploit elevated activity and expression in solid tumors as a target for the selective accumulation of payloads.

Pentarin miniature drug conjugates designed for rapid penetration of the tumor

Tarveda’s miniature drug conjugates are designed to maintain therapeutic properties while remaining miniature in size to enable rapid penetration into solid tumors.  The plasma circulation time of hours is designed to allow for penetration into the tumor but to limit the overall exposure to normal tissue.

Masked payload targeted to solid tumors for limited toxicity

Tarveda’s miniature drug conjugates are designed to accumulate anti-cancer payloads in the tumor by targeting and minimize effects on healthy tissue. The conjugates’ payloads are designed to remain masked while in circulation within the body to reduce normal tissue toxicity with unmasking occurring when the payload is cleaved in the tumor.

HSP90 targeted approach

Our conjugates are designed with HSP90 binders, which have high binding specificity and affinity, allowing them to accumulate in tumors by binding to HSP90 that is over-expressed and activated in solid tumors as compared to normal tissue. 

Accumulation and release of active payload

The linker within the conjugate is specifically designed to match tumor biology and conjugate kinetics to allow for selective cleavage and release of the anti-cancer payloads within the tumor cell.